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Online Courses: Overview

Public Speaking

In the first level - Neophytes, students will learn the fundamentals of verbal and non-verbal communication over an 8-week period. They will develop techniques to control nerves, engage their audience, and present events effectively.


In the second level - Verbalizers, students will focus on the importance of voice modulation in communication and will be introduced to techniques for organizing and delivering content through storytelling, over an 8-week period.


In the final level - Maestro, students will learn how to organize and deliver content within a set time frame, as well as gain confidence in impromptu speaking, over an 8-week period.

Writing with Pen

Creative Writing

The first level - White Belt, introduces young writers to the basics of sentence structure, including parts of speech and forming complete sentences. Students will also learn new words to expand their vocabulary.

The second level -Green Belt, will teach students about various sentence structures and how to incorporate descriptive elements to enhance their sentences. They will learn to use similes and metaphors effectively in their speech.

In the final level - Black Belt, students will master the art of creating descriptive and narrative paragraphs. They will learn how to use transition words to build a cohesive and compelling narrative.

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