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Neophytes (Level - 1)

Level 1

For sessions and payment​

Verbalizers (Level - 2)

Level 2

For sessions and payment​

Level 3

For sessions and payment​

Maestro (Level - 3)

For Young Orators

We are offering a Public Speaking course that is divided into three levels:

  • In the first level, "Neophytes" students will learn the fundamentals of verbal and non-verbal communication over an 8-week period. They will develop techniques to control nerves, engage their audience, and present events effectively.

  • In the second level, "Verbalizers" students will focus on the importance of voice modulation in communication and will be introduced to techniques for organizing and delivering content through storytelling, over an 8-week period.

  • In the final level, "Maestro" students will learn how to organize and deliver content within a set time frame, as well as gain confidence in impromptu speaking, over an 8-week period.

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